7 Essentials For A Minimalist Man

Men’s grooming has gallantly evolved over the last century. Long gone are the days when it was considered unchivalrous to spend a slightly longer time in front of the mirror. Slowly but consistently, men’s grooming has come a long way. Now is the time for the metrosexual man. It is no longer considered a taboo to visit spas or to go for a manicure or pedicure, to dye hair or to indulge in massages. Even on the professional front, grooming is given a lot of importance.

Thanks to the changing mindsets, men’s beauty regimes are gaining impetus and the market is now flooded with a variety of products. But even in these times, there are men who are overwhelmed with these changes and wish to take a minimal approach to such things. Here are a few grooming essentials for such men:

  1. Shaving kit: A shabby, bristly beard is never a pleasant sight. Invest in a good shaving kit or better still, make a kit of your own by adding to it the items you want. You can add a decent shaving brush, shaving cream, a pair of scissors, nail clipper, a comb and a mirror. If you are the traditional kind, you can go for a good razor; otherwise, you can opt for the electric shaver. There are a variety of electric shavers available in the market and you can get a good insight of them at mybestshaver.com
  2. Oral hygiene kit: Never ignore your sparkly white teeth, which can make a great first impression. If you do not wish to invest in the elaborate dental kits available in the market, start picking the items you need and make a suitable kit. Along with the toothbrush, floss and paste, get a good mouthwash to evade terrible bad breath.
  3. Face scrub: Even if you think it’s not for you, your face needs that scrub to rid the clogged pores of the dirt. If neglected, these can result in ugly zits and blackheads, which can be a real eyesore.
  4. Moisturizer: After you wash your face, it will be devoid of all the moisture. Failing to apply moisturizer can make the face dry and prone to itchiness, leathery skin and wrinkles.
  5. Neatly tailored clothes: You may not want to make a fashion statement, but proper fitting clothes offer great comfort and are classy to look at. Also, they are not always expensive. The best thing is you can bring out your idea of style.
  6. Perfume: A good perfume can lift your mood even while preventing unpleasant odors. Perfumes are not always in flowery flavors. You can go for fragrances tailored especially for men, which have spicy, woody and citrus undertones.
  7. Shiny shoes: It is often said that the first thing people notice in a man is his sho It is always advisable to invest in a pair of quality shoes for that comfortable and gallant stride that captivate the onlookers.