November 2014

Things We Should Know About Vintage Comics

Many people love comics, not to mention the potentially valuable vintage comics. Despite their age, comics can still be very valuable and attract the attention of fans. In fact, many people allocate a large sum of fund in their hunt for original, vintage comic books for their hobbies or business purposes. Very first vintage comics were created in the end of 19th century, such as the Hogan’s Alley. There are

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Differences Between Japanese Comics And American Comics

There are plenty of differences between American comics and Japanese comics (manga). As an example, illustrators of Japanese comics tend to exaggerate their styles to produce certain effects and express character emotions. On the other hand, American comics tend to appear more realistic and are often less playful. Manga is also produced in a different way. Manga comics are produced mostly in black and white format, while many American comics

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4 Great Things About Watching TV All Day Long

Many would say that it is useless to watch TV all day long, however there are times that it would be better just to do that. There could be a series of events that encourage to watch TV much of the day. As an example, it could be raining outside and we have completed household chores. It’s Sunday and we have nothing to do. For people who rarely watch TV

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Which One Is Better? Movie Or Book?

We all love great movies and they represent a very popular form of entertainment among the general public. Unlike books, movies involve our audio and visual reactions. Although many would argue that books are still better because they provide much more details than movies. In fact, books that we couldn’t put down due to their thrilling suspense could often turn into equally wonderful movies. Many books offer devastatingly honest, funny

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