June 2015

Strategies For Better Lab Workflow Management

Recent bursts of progress in technology have ushered in an era of IT implementation and its integration into all aspects and fields of work including hospital management. That said, the improvements to your laboratory workflow cannot be confined only to the advancement and success of the laboratory, but it should be extended to all other departments for an overall improvement in the hospital organization as a whole. For your management

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5 Assets Every Job-Seeker Must Have

If you are entering or re-entering the job market, it’s easy to get scared by the constant “there are no jobs” complaints. But trust me, there’s no need to panic. No matter what you hear, the situation is never as bad as you have been led to believe. According to the latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey of the Department of Labor, there were 5 million job openings in

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Business Plan Writing Tips For New Entrepreneurs

Whether it is a small scale or a big company, business plan is the most crucial aspect for all the upcoming opportunities and profits. Business advisors, investors and experienced entrepreneurs generally recommend you to write your business plan before starting a company. By using well designed plan, you and your management team can handle your business in a successful and organized way throughout the startup process. Also, it becomes easier

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