October 2016


Let’s sell my RV and move on to a newer model. Has the idea cropped up in your mind recently? If yes, you might have started to prepare your rig for the staging.  You must have cleaned it, got rid of all the clutter, and made a few upgrades by now. But have you considered revamping the security of your mobile home? Know what? Investing in motor home security systems

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Measuring The ROI Of An Online MBA

It’s important to understand the value of your online MBA degree. In our latest infographic, we explore the typical return on investment you can expect as you grow your knowledge base and expand your network: Washington State University

Use A Thermal Freezer Jacket To Beat The Cold

When you’re working in a cold environment, it’s crucial that your clothing helps to protect your body from the harsh, cold temperatures. Without the right clothing, you could put yourself at risk of health problems such as frostbite and pneumonia. A thermal freezer jacket is just one of the items of clothing that you should be wearing when you’re exposed to these conditions. Challenging Work Environments Cold environments can pose

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Traits Professionals Should Possess To Conduct A Marine Accident Investigation

The Marine Accident Investigator has to act with the highest standards of professionalism. But what do we actually mean when we use that word? What are the characteristics that mark out the outstanding professional investigator? Expertise and experience obviously play a key part. Qualifications and technical understanding of this complex area are the foundation. But a wide-ranging experience of real investigations in different countries, cultures and industries enriches theoretical understanding.

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The Importance Of A Lifesaver Jerrycan For Expeditions

When you are travelling overland on an expedition, camping or field trip, you can’t always be sure you will have access to clean, safe drinking water. Local municipal water cannot always be trusted, while the water from rivers, streams and other natural water courses will often carry potentially harmful and life-threatening bacteria, viruses, cysts and parasites. Some of the bugs which lurk in such water sources can survive and make

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How Long And How Frequent Should I Get BMW Extended Warranty

Are you completely aware what auto insurance is? This serves as your protection against financial loss in case you meet an accident. A contract is involved where you agree to pay premium, while the company agree to pay your losses as per stated in your policy. The payment will then vary with the quote given by the provider. Insurance quote is an estimation of your possibly rate with your prospective

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5 Reasons Why Twitter Can Help Your Business

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed how people are getting lazier and lazier. To an extent where our concentration is less than a goldfish now! That’s scary! This is why it is so important to make things simple for your customers. By reducing friction you can increase your sales and help your business grow! How do you do that? Well one of the easiest way is through social

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Easy To Make Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween, the time of scary movies and delicious candy, is just around the corner and it is time to start thinking about costumes. With the economy a bit unpredictable and unemployment rates still fairly high, many individuals are deciding to go back to creating their costumes from bits and pieces that they have lying around at home and inexpensive materials that they can purchase down at the shops rather than

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Digital Marketing And The Sustainable Competitive Advantage Associated

The work of digital image management has given fall in to place to Digital Single Market strategy. Using this conduct, the iron in the fire for heirs and assign in the digital reality in proviso of enrollment and services boot be enhanced. The digital mom and pop store strategy cut back bare to be fully effective for the modern sensuality and in the country’s across the counter riches process.  The

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All You Need When Looking For Entertainers

Many moons ago parents had to look high and low for party entertainers for their kids parties that they are hosting but now with the rapid development of the Internet it has become much easier to  look for companies that can help you to find entertainers immediately. When you make a simple search on Google or any other search engine for party entertainers, there will be hundreds of results that

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