December 2018

Breakfast and Beyond: Granola Bars Five Ways

Granola bars are so versatile. You can munch them for breakfast or just eat them as a snack. These power granola bars are not only delicious but take a little time to prepare. You just need a few pantry staples to make these bars from scratch. We will show you some amazing granola bar flavor combinations. Dark Chocolate & Orange Granola Bar Start with mixing rolled oats, fresh orange zest,

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Choosing between North and South Goa

Both parts of Goa have their own advantages and different aspects. Travellers can choose their own experience and decide which part of Goa to stay in. Exploration is also an important part of the decision factor, as where you’ll party, eat and enjoy depends on what you want to do. Nightlife in Goa When it comes to clubbing and bar-hopping, North Goa is where most travellers visit. There are many

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