October 2019

Suwitmuaythai at Phuket Island with Muay Thai and Fitness is your Fun Weekend

Muay Thai is the traditional sport of Thailand. It is fast, it is challenging, and it works the entire body. As more people want to get fit and lose weight, the option of a fitness or adventure holiday is becoming increasingly popular. Among those holidays is mixed martial arts such as Muay Thai. If you are interested in experiencing fitness on your next vacation, the following tips can help you

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Office Cafeteria Etiquettes Every Building Inmate Should Swear By

If there’s one place that witnesses much action and energy, it got to be the office cafeteria or the food court. See any leading commercial building in Kolkata or Gurgaon and you’ll find many swanky restaurant outlets there oozing with employees of the offices located inside the building. Yes, office food court is the place we all love to be at and are more than just a place to eat.

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