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How Big Data Dashboards Help End Users

Big Data is a massive amount of information that is pulled from a wide variety of sources and delivered to you with incredible speeds. We’ve already heard the spiel before, but the question remains: what resources are available out there that work best with Big Data? Fortunately for fans of Big Data, there are dashboards to help with this chore. What’s a Big Data dashboard and how can it help

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How Big Data Is Changing Content Marketing

Before we get into the meat of this topic, let’s establish a few definitions first. Big Data: Enormous data sets brought in from a large variety of sources in a rapid manner, used to analyze trends, associations, and patterns, for the purpose of understanding how people think and behave. Content Marketing: Any strategic marketing approach using the creation and sharing of media, including the publishing of content designed to attract

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How To Make Big Data Work In Your Business

It’s hard to go through just a week’s worth of web-surfing without stumbling upon talk of Big Data and how it’s supposed to help businesses do better. The “rah-rah-rah” of Big Data is all well and good, but without practical application, it’s all just words. Do you actually have any idea how Big Data can work for you? In the spirit of providing answers, here are some tips on how

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