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What Is Current Standing Of Content Marketing and Its Likely Future

The traditional way of Content marketing seems to have lost the interest of most consumers. They no longer watch the television advertisements thanks to a DVR; they often skip the magazine advertisements to save on their time. One thing common to most of the modern day consumer is that they access the internet so often. They use both their smart phones and personal computers to surf through the internet, without

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How Big Data Is Changing Content Marketing

Before we get into the meat of this topic, let’s establish a few definitions first. Big Data: Enormous data sets brought in from a large variety of sources in a rapid manner, used to analyze trends, associations, and patterns, for the purpose of understanding how people think and behave. Content Marketing: Any strategic marketing approach using the creation and sharing of media, including the publishing of content designed to attract

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High Caliber Content Keeps Customers

Looking for ways to keep your customers happy? Start by providing high caliber content. Great content solves customer needs, entertains readers and keeps them coming back for more. Check out these effective tips for creating great content for your clients. Keep your customers coming back for more by posting high caliber content. Solve Customer Needs According to Beyond Lead Generation: Content is the Key to Keeping Your Customers, one of

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