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Trends in Television Technology – From HD to 4K

The history of television aka idiot box dates back to 1927 when John Logie Baird exhibited the functioning of television to the world deploying GPO’s telephone network. In the following nine decades, the ever-evolving technological advancements in television has revolutionized the way world watches TV. The landmark breakthroughs in the television technology are interesting to look back and think upon. Let’s see what these are: High Definition (HD): High definition,

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A Brief Review of the Next-Gen Smart Assistants

A digital revolution is sweeping away the entire country at this moment. There is a surge of the usage of smart phone, smart TVs, tablets, iPads, etc. among the millennials. Artificial intelligence and smart bots that was created to mimic cognitive learning and problem-solving skills are widely prevalent in the fields of computer science, medicine, filmmaking, and media, military and defense system, and robotics. The use of AI-based smart assistants

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