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Best Indian Travel Shows on TV to Inspire the Gallivants Around

It’s like the TV junkies across the world live two different lives each day; one where you’re just sailing through the day after other watching your shows and doing nothing about it while the other flock leads a happier life living through the TV screens. They just glide through the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi to the sandy beaches of Australia pressing a remote-control button with a secret desire of

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Apps that You Can’t Miss to Download

The current generation is extremely tech-savvy and thrives on digital entertainment. Apps can help us in our everyday life from buying groceries to booking a flight. Access any apps on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. In today’s day and age, there’s an app for everything. Want to order Asian food for dinner? There are food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy for that.  Want to travel to your hotel from the airport?

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Movies to Watch with Your Kids

Movies are a great way to gather your loved ones together. The holiday season is no exception. Here is our list of popular movies that are guaranteed to entertain your entire family. Gather around everyone with hot cocoa and some delicious snacks. The first holiday classic that is equally enjoyed by kids and adults is Home Alone. Nothing says Christmas like the Home Alone series. It is a story of

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