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Larry Polhill – 3 Key Tips to Entrepreneurs to Revamp Their Accounts Receivable

Entrepreneurs operating small businesses agree that managing accounts receivable is always a cause of concern for them. These business owners spend most of their time, resources, and energy on expanding their commercial operations. Only then can they ensure the growth of their businesses. The responsibility of raising invoices on the customers fall on their employees. Despite getting several reminders, these debtors often fail to pay their dues in time. Such

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Joe Cianciotto – Boost Sales with An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Small entrepreneurs already know the importance of implementing a suitable social media marketing strategy. Taking this step allows these businessmen to promote their brand products to a large targeted audience. If their campaigns are successful, the owners can attract a lot of new customers. In doing so, they do not end up spending a huge sum of money. They incur only a fraction of the costs of launching the same

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Must-know Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs

Private companies account for a full one third of Britain’s economy. The majority of these companies are young startups. Studies reveal that only 28% of startup companies are still in operation in the second year. Only 12% make it to the third. These statistics highlight the challenges of sustaining a startup. They all face similar challenges of funding, costs and scale. However, a small minority of 12% overcomes these hurdles

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