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What Is New In The Fashion World This Month?

If by any chance you are on the pursuit for what is trending in the fashion world in terms of makeup, then you are in the perfect place. It is important that you know when it comes to beauty, makeup and style, there exist a wide variety of options for you to choose from. However, this article has managed to narrow it down to the latest trending makeup this month.

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Converse Star: Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes Are Still The Cynosure Of All Fashion Oriented Eyes

Banter Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes have been a staple of American and Canadian culture for very nearly 100 years! In 1917, Marquis M. Banter and the Converse Rubber Shoe organization in Malden, Massachusetts, propelled the first Converse All Star line. They were right away famous: reasonable, effortlessly accessible, and sturdy. It wasn’t until 1921, when Charles “Hurl” Taylor, a secondary school b-ball skillful player on his way up in the

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