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How to Beat the Post Lunch Productivity Slump in Office?

You’ve just had an elaborate lunch with colleagues from a fancy restaurant near your office and there’s an extremely crucial review meeting with client at 3pm. It’s only afternoon and you’re doing everything possible to ward off yawns and avoid microsleeps. Did this scenario look familiar? As professionals, it’s quite natural for all of us to feel sluggish by the second half of the day because of the fluctuating circadian

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What Every Office Space Should Have

If you have finally moved to your own office, besides celebrating, you have to think about the things which your office needs. We are talking about furniture, office supplies, and other essentials every business needs to run smoothly. If you think that without these little things you would be able to do your everyday choruses, then you guessed wrong. These things, however small some of them might be or however

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