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What You Can Do About Credit Card Fraud

A lot has been written about how consumers can fight credit card fraud, and rightly so. But we can’t forget that it takes two to make a transaction! In other words, what about if you run your own business? What steps can you take? Whether you’re the owner/partner of an actual company, or you’re simply in business for yourself, equipping yourself with a tablet and card reader attachment, it’s important

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Top 5 Social Media Scams

Constantly growing online traffic is one of the top reasons behind the increase in the online scams.  As people are becoming more tech-savvy and getting addicted to the Internet, cyber criminals are using all sorts of social networking platforms to increase their grid. Information about special events or tragedies could be used by hackers and online scammers with malicious intent to conduct social engineering scams, particularly on social media. The

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