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Samsung Galaxy S7: Specs and Assumptions

Samsung, Apple, Sony, HTC and other smartphone manufactures are literally fighting in the smartphone world by launching new and new smartphones with no time gap. And here is similar solution of Samsung the Galaxy Alpha, which is in turn competitor to the Apple’s iPhone. And now Samsung is going to cover new target overcome iPhone with the Samsung Galaxy S7. The Galaxy Alpha is really good and balanced combination turned

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Amazing Specifications and Release Date Possibilities

Samsung is ruling smartphone manufacturing business from a long time. One reason behind its success is that it binds the customers with its new technology. Smartphone manufacturing consistency is also a good reason for its top position. In 2011 Samsung stunned everyone with its first phablet with 5.1 size i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note. In starting people didn’t like the produce. But slowly it becomes a trend in smartphone market. Last

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