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5 Reasons Text Message Marketing Is Good For Your Customers

Since the first text message was sent nearly 25 years ago, marketers have known the power, personalization and reach of SMS marketing. 80 percent of Americans have smartphones, and many more can text using “dumb” phones. 1. Texting is Easy and Convenient As discussed in the article “5 Reasons Your Customers Appreciate Text Message Marketing,” text messages are, above all else, convenient. Research shows that by the end of 2015,

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How Often Should You Text Your Customers?

For a lot of us mobile users, texting is a fun, easy way of keeping in touch with people. It’s convenient, inexpensive, and doesn’t require immediate action; you can take your time reading or responding to a text. Try that with a phone call! For folks in marketing or who own a business, texting is a fantastic tool for keeping in contact with customers and doing it without running up

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How Your Small Business Can Take Advantage Of SMS Marketing

It can be hard for the “little guy” to compete with the “big dogs” in the business world. Big companies have big budgets, with access to more resources and personnel. By virtue of their size, they can reach more people because they have pockets that are deep enough to spring for big, splashy campaigns. How’s a small business supposed to compete? With SMS, that’s how. Text marketing can go a

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