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Managing Your Digital Presence Across Different Cultures

Want to connect your business with a variety of demographics, including with international audiences? Transforming your digital presence takes time and perseverance, but the result can be increased sales, a well-rounded image and more. Here are some tips for jumpstarting your digital transformation. Choosing Visual Content An important part of managing a cross-cultural digital presence is ensuring that your visual content reflects that presence. For example, do the people used

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Social Media and Crowdsourcing: Siamese Twins That Work Wonders For Startups

Social media and crowdsourcing are the two buzzwords that have long spelled the difference between success and failure for startups. But what make these two essentially vital for startups are their uncanny similarities and the set of benefits they offer. No wonder, many new-age tycoons, technology barons and media pundits strongly believe that social media and crowdsourcing are the two vital components that lay the foundation of success for modern

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Are SME’s Doomed To Fail If They Continue To Ignore Social Media?

The internet has become increasingly important in recent years and social media has also come to assume much greater importance in our lives. Today, companies need to have a presence online as many consumers search for products and services in the virtual world. Social media is also an important source of information for people, and individuals will share their views and recommendations with friends and strangers. For a company, having

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