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StepbyStep Writing Your First Article for the Contributor Network

Contributor Networks offer much to both established and novice writers, from a no-strings attached outlet for their work to providing a professional freelance writer with a reliable, paying client. However, all writers have something in common when they bring their work to Contributor Networks: they must navigate the website’s system and submit their first article. Following this Step-by-Step Guide will help a writer new to Contributor Networks in making that

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How to Write a Play

Have you always dreamt of writing a magnificent play, one that is so riveting, so strange and delightful, so full of magic that people continue to speak of it with awe for the rest of time? Yet do you have any idea where to start? If not, then before you go off proclaiming that you will be a world-famous playwright sooner or later, get the basics down. These guidelines will

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Tips To Academic Writing

Academic writing is a very different form than the spoken English language. Academic writing typically uses longer, more complicated wordage. The writer must convey a specific point and purpose for the paper and the paper in its entirety must prove this point. Facts and figures must be precise and everything must be backed up by credible sources (both in the body of the paper and the bibliography page). The first

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